Our Message

Believe Church changed its name a few years ago to reflect who we are and who we were becoming. Like every believer in Christ, Believe Church is a work in progress. What we are today is the result of all that God has taken us through over preceeding years. One thing is for sure, to us the church is more than bricks and mortar. We do not go to church on Sunday. We are learning to become the church, wherever we are, 24/7! 

The Bible teaches us that God does not live in physical buildings such as churches, temples, and cathedrals that are made with human hands (Acts 7:24 & 48). In fact it teaches that we, the living, breathing church of Jesus Christ, ARE the bricks and mortar that make up the temple in which God chooses to abide (1 Peter 2:5; 2 Corinthians 6:16). As such our first goal is to work with God so that His church will be a place that He chooses to indwell by His Spirit. Our first icon in our church logo represents our belief in God and Him in having His rightful place in our hearts and lives. 

In order to be a church that attracts the presence of God, we first have to deal with the things that repel His presence. Things such as bitterness, division, lack of unity and personal agendas. The apostle Paul clearly challenges us in Philippians chapter 2 to work together with one mind, heart and purpose and to have a mutual love for each other where we consider one another as more important than ourselves. To be honest this is easier said than done and our journey over the past few years has seen us learning how to position ourselves in unity so that GOD IS TRULY IN THE HOUSE that we call church. Believe Church may not be the flashest or even most talented church but we are a church that believes in God and in making His House beautiful. And He has responded by manifesting His magnificent presence each time we gather! 

Our second icon represents our belief in each individual created in God's image. We truly believe that every person has value and a God-ordained purpose in this life (Ephesians 2:10). We believe in their amazing potential, once surrendered fully to God. It is our heart's desire to excel in giving value to others and to help equip each individual in discovering their amazing God-given potential. 

Our third icon speaks of our belief in the power of a united community to bring about change for good, both in individuals and in communities. I recently heard someone give an illustration of how a snowflake on its own leaves very little impression. However, when it is joined together with other snowflakes, the combined impact is enough to bring traffic to a standstill. Ephesians 4:7-16 speaks of a community working together with each individual contributing their God-given gifts and skills. Such a community grows and builds itself up in love as each person functions in their unique gifting. At Believe church we have seen the God-given impact that a group united in love and purpose can bring to a situation and a community at home in Australia and also overseas through the various missions initiatives that we support. We believe that we were never designed to fully realise our destiny apart from others. In other words, I will never rise to my life's full potential in isolation. This can be a challenge, particularly when so many of us have experienced hurts or have been broken and let down by others. In such cases the church united aught to become a place of healing as people experience the love of God and learn to trust and find release from the things that would hinder their personal growth and relationship with Christ. 

We thank God for the love that so many tell us that they experience as they fellowship at Believe Church. A physical body does not function unless all the parts are in agreement. In the same way a united church, fully committed to the Head of the body Jesus Christ, becomes an incredible force for good that as it is motivated to action by the love of God. 

This is our message, but it is also our story. We are Believe Church!